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"Ketty is a dream!  She really takes her clients' needs into consideration, and customizes her massages to your body.  She brings the spa atmosphere to my home and I love it!' -Tara

"I met Ketty when I was 3 months pregnant with twins and needed a good massage desperately.  Four years (and another pregnancy) later, I'm so fortunate that I randonly mer her, as she's taken such good care of me over the past 4 years, and has also become a dear friend.  Look no further than Ketty for physical and emotional healing!"  - Melissa

"Ketty, massage therapist, has my highest recommendation.  She has extensive training and experience in massage, but she also has tangible intuition, an innate sense of exactly what to do to promote health and well being.  Her technique is beyond amazing.  There is no one better!"  - Susan

"I am a self-admitted massage snob.  I love massages and have had many over the years.  As I quickly realized, not all massages are of the same quality and that rests solely on the shoulders of the massage therapist.  Then, I found Ketty.  The first massage I had with Ketty was so much better than the massages I've had in the past - I was amazed and almost didn't believe it!  I came back to see her every month and her massage was consistently the best I'd ever had.  She helped ease some of the constant shoulder pain in my right shoulder and gave my body a new freedom.  I would highly recommend her to anyone!"  - Erika

"I have been a massage enthusiast for many years now and I can honestly say Ketty is the best therapist I’ve ever had, hands down.  Her biggest strength is the ability to act as a consultant and individualize every session with her extensive knowledge of various techniques, and make recommendations around what will work best for you at any given time.  Unfortunately we aren’t geographically close any more but I am in LA on business several times a year and I always make it a point to schedule time with her.  I can’t recommend Ketty enough, she truly puts the customer experience first and is just amazing at what she does!"  - Kelly

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And a few client compliments I've received over the past 10 years in the spa industry:

  • Massage Therapist Ketty is the best!  She tailors the treatment to my needs and I leave feeling like a new woman!
  • Ketty gives an outstanding massage. she's excellent!
  • Ketty is a wonderful massage therapist, I could not ask to be in better hands.
  • Ketty is absolutely fantastic.  I am so thankful that I have found her - she is amazing with her hands and her attitude.
  • Ketty is THE BEST.  Her level of service is what I go to the spa for - ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Massage Therapist Ketty is absolutely amazing!!  I left the massage room in a daze because I felt like I was floating in the clouds!
  • I think my massage was the best one I've ever had - Ketty was lovely and I will be asking for her every time.  Very happy with my whole experience with her.
  • Ketty was great - very attentive to my needs and caring.
  • Ketty was so wonderful.  She took excellent care of me from the moment of us meeting.  I could tell she really enjoyed her job and took the extra effort to make my massage unique.
  • I would highly recommend Ketty, she was perfect for my needs.
  • Ketty was an amazing masseuse, I will come more often now .
  • Ketty went above and beyond to help me alleviate the stress I was feeling, and I left walking on clouds!
  • Ketty is fabulous and always knows exactly how to find my tense spots and work the knots out without it being painful.
  • I loved Ketty - she was great to talk to and the massage was wonderful.
  • Ketty is absolutely wonderful and provides the most pampering service!
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