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Welcome to my KreativeKetty Healing Space!

I believe that everyone heals with love, and massage is a wonderful way to access that energy.  I do this work because massage invigorates my spirit every single day, and I feel grateful that I have been given a special gift to help people to heal. 

My intention is to provide you with therapeutic massage performed in the comfort of your home (or the privacy of your office) to increase and balance energy, soothe muscle tension, promote relaxation, and bring you a sense of energetic peace. 

I practice massage using a variety of modalities, knowledge, and experience that I've gained as a full-time massage therapist for the past 10 years, as well as through my own experiences as a client and many years of wonderfully honest clients.  My expertise ranges from deep tissue to energy work to pregnancy massage, but I excel at letting my intuition, communication, and experience to guide my strokes, depth, and how/where time is spent.

It is my pleasure to make you feel your best, so please don't ever hesitate to communicate your needs.  We'll do a quick intake before the session to consult about your body's needs/issues, and then the time is all yours - whether you need more/less pressure, a drink of water, great conversation, a guided meditation, or a quiet space to relax.  This time is all about YOU and you get to choose however you'd like to spend your time on the table! 

What makes me different?

Sessions are 60, 75, or 90 minutes - not 50 or 80.  

My prices are competitive with other mobile massage companies (Zeel, Soothe, Spa Connections) but with less hassle and you're guaranteed to get a personalized massage.

I care deeply about my clients, and make an effort to get to know you and your life so that I can better address what's going on in your body.

Unlike most spas, I do not charge more for speciality massages or advanced modalities (deep tissue, prenatal, cranial sacral, reflexology) and I use a combination of my skills to give your body what it needs in that moment.

Every massage includes aromatherapy, and I only use Sacred Earth massage lotion (vegan and free of parabens, frangrance, cruellty, nuts, and gluten).  If you'd like a free foot scrub and/or hot stones included in your massage - just let me know!  :)

I'm licensed with CAMTC and insured with ABMP.

I have over 12 years of hands on experience, and have given (an estimated) 10,000 hours of massage!






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